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All programs offered qualify under the international AECPMA Project Management Certification program. See for details. PSMJ Asia Pacific’s new Learning program offers five great options:

PSMJ’s Full Spectrum of Programs
PSMJ’s Full Spectrum of Programs

PSMJ Resources Asia Pacific is expanding its Learning Program options to provide unique, experience-based programs in all aspects of managing design & construction of projects.

Project Management Essentials – Design
Project Management Essentials – Design

PSMJ’s most popular learning program has been redesigned, retaining the best of previous programs, and adding several new areas designed to help you provide greater value to your clients – at lower risk.

From Senior Manager to Principal
From Senior Manager to Principal

This popular program provides attendees with the understanding they need to confidently move from high-level project management into firm leadership roles.

Project Delivery Excellence
Project Delivery Excellence

This new program is for Owner/Developer Project Teams, to provide them with the skills they need to deliver high-quality, low-risk project feasibility analysis, project team structures and project briefs, and to make the right decisions at the right time for successful project outcomes.

Project Management Essentials – Construction
Project Management Essentials – Construction

PSMJ’s learning program for contractors combines the best of our 60 years of project management in construction, with the latest industry management smarts. This gives your PMs the edge with your clients while mitigating your greatest risks.

BRIDGES Interface Management
BRIDGES Interface Management

BRIDGES Interface Management is a new PSMJ program that identifies and fixes the “weak links” in overall project delivery: specifically planning, managing, and verifying the flow of mission-critical communication at project interface points.

You care about your clients

PSMJ’s goal is to better enable you to provide your clients with what they need and want – effectively and efficiently.

Effectively, because that’s what creates repeat clients. Efficiently, because they must deliver that level of service competitively and still make a reasonable profit to survive.

PSMJ’s Professional Development Program facilitates Learning. Learning is different from Training. It’s focused on knowledge absorbed rather than knowledge transmitted. This difference is important.

All programs are offered as a strategy for Continuing Professional Development with content targeted to meet Professional Associations’ CPD educational development requirements. PM Essentials is approved by the Australian Institute of Architects for 14 formal CPD points.

What Participants Have Said

Did this course meet my expectations? YES – in particular because I have done other PM courses. This fits the needs of Architects, Engineers. They should not do any other form of training (i.e. with someone else).

Phil Margot, Business Unit Leader, Rudds Consulting Engineers, Sydney

Hugely informative, relevant and practical guidance based upon solid evidence-based examples. The material and its application provide me with a robust set of tools to meet the challenges of the profession.

Peter Smith, Senior Associate, Suters Architects, East Melbourne, VIC.

I found the course informative and instructive, especially with some new concepts to improve my ability to manage projects, in particular earned value analysis.

Ray Kamil, Senior Engineer, Irwinconsult, Melbourne, VIC

Charles has an incredible wealth of real world personal knowledge and experience. The “before and after” test is an excellent reinforcement tool.

David Johns, Snr Geotechnical Engineer Klohn Crippen Berger, Brisbane, QLD

Very helpful materials directly related to our business with extremely knowledgeable instructor. Time well spent to improve our future business and project management.

Peter Jolicoeur, Senior Managing Consultant Landrum & Brown, Shanghai, China

Charles was an excellent instructor & his wealth of knowledge, resources & anecdotes made the teachings clear, concise & most importantly implementable.

Nicolas Zakos, Intraz Consulting Engineers, South Melbourne, VIC

The course far exceeded my expectations. It was highly informative, but presented in a manner which provoked thought and excited me to go back to work and implement the lessons learnt.

Melanie Croxson, Suters Architects, Brisbane, QLD

Wonderful, practical & real world relevance. Not a course selling a prescriptive model, but a new way of using the information we have.

Cheryl Allman, Associate Vice President Landrum & Brown, Melbourne, VIC

An extraordinarily widely focused overview on project management that manages to cover all aspects of what we should be doing on all our projects.

Matt Harris, Principal, Davis Ogilvie & Partners Ltd, Christchurch, NZ

Course exceeded my expectations. Focus on design was great. By far the best project management course I have ever attended.

Stuart Cook, Senior Civil Engineer, BG&E Pty Ltd, Brisbane, QLD

Exceeded expectations. Charles was great in communicating all aspects and I learnt a considerable amount. He has great knowledge and past experience.

James Wheeler, Project Manager, Emerson Stewart Group Ltd, Perth, WA

An excellent course for multiple levels of project managers. Charles’ industry knowledge and presentation skills were remarkable.

Jessica Harris, Environmental Scientist, Emerson Stewart Group Ltd, Perth, WA

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Project Management Essentials – Design: Online Digital Workshop: 21-24 June 2022 | 6-9 September 2022 | 22-25 November 2022 | 13-16 December 2022 Face-to-face workshops: Sydney 18-19 October 2022 | Brisbane 8-9 November 2022 | Melbourne 6-7 December 2022
From Senior Manager to Principal: Melbourne: 8-9 December 2022 | Sydney: 20-21 October 2022 | Brisbane: 10-11 November 20
BRIDGES Interface Management: Dates to be announced later in the year !
Can't make it to our public workshops ... We offer In-house programs too.