Bridges Interface Management (Bridges) is a new PSMJ program that identifies and fixes the “weak links” in overall project delivery: specifically planning, managing and verifying the flow of mission-critical communication at project interface points.

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Bridges consulting begins with the client’s briefing process, continues through delivery of the contract works and culminates with commissioning and handover to end users of the project. Bridges consulting is applicable to all key parties in the delivery chain: Clients, Consultants and Contractors.

Bridges consulting focuses on developing strategies for:

  • Eliminating ambiguity in all “instruments of service”: Briefing documents, agreements between parties, contract documents and instructions between parties;
  • Identifying all “essential” actions, by all parties, that will produce intended results, optimise value, minimise risk, and maintain quality for end users and the public;
  • Performing those essential actions where they are not included in the agreements and contracts between parties: “fill in the gaps”; and
  • Monitoring the performance of those essential actions that are included in the various agreements and contracts to ensure they are being performed.

The Bridges program will provide the learning tools and techniques for any of the parties to facilitate interface management.

Three levels of competency are offered:

  • Manager: A 1.5-day intensive workshop where participants learn the principles of Bridges and how to work with the Interface© software. On completion, learners will be able to apply the principles on small projects or work effectively in resolving project interface issues.
  • Leader: A follow-on two-day workshop where participants acquire the skills to set up and operate a Bridges program for medium-sized projects of some complexity, or larger simple projects.
  • Master: A further two-day intensive workshop where participants acquire the skills to set up and operate a Bridges program for large, complex projects, as well to train others in the Bridges method.


Before booking, please read Bridges Prerequisites, Accreditation & Conditions of Use


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