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At left is PSMJ’s global mission.

HOW does PSMJ work to achieve that goal? The short answer is “in every way that matters”. We work in only one space: design and construction for the built environment.

We learn as much about our clients as we can, but that journey has no end. We always need to learn more, for the simple reason that our clients’ response to their markets keeps evolving and changing.

WHY do we do this? In essence, it’s simply a passion for excellence, that drives PSMJ staff and consultants everywhere we work.

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About PSMJ Resources Asia Pacific

We observe that most great design firms put their clients first and their projects second.

We observe that most good design firms think they put their clients first, but in reality, they put their projects first and their clients second.

We observe that this fundamental difference is nearly always evident in the way that firms describe themselves, especially in their websites. This bias is powerful – in fact so powerful that in the first 18 versions of the redesign of this site, we had Projects first in the main menu above, and Clients next. It was in writing this very paragraph that we saw that irony, and changed the order. DUH!

We observe that most great firms do not have to compete on price; they are trusted to provide value commensurate with their fee. In contrast, most good firms DO have to compete on price, and are much more likely to experience the dubious joys of seeing their services commoditised.

We think we’re good, but we know we can be better. So this new website is less about us, and more about our clients; about you and your firm: The questions you ask, some of the projects you have, the feedback we get from you, and the things we’ve learned that we think will help you achieve your goals and your dreams.

What Participants Have Said

Far exceeded my expectations. Fantastic knowledge that was really well translated.

Davina Allen, Interior Designer, Hassell Pty Ltd, Perth, WA

Applicable and valuable information and great tools to implement immediately.

Esther Schwald, CEO, Hillam Architects, Subiaco, WA

Excellent, relevant, focussed on key management issues. Very well targeted.

Peter Atkinson, Office Manager, Duffill Watts Consulting Group, New Plymouth, NZ

The course was great. Comprehensive and tailored to our industry.

Tanya Jones, Architect, Gresley Abas, Perth, WA

My scepticism was converted into a more pragmatic approach to pro-active project management.

Geoff Hunter, Environmental Engineer, J Wyndham Prince Pty Ltd, Penrith, NSW

Outstanding course that applies to all prospective PMs and experienced PMs.

Andrew Moon, Manager, Corporate, SMEC Pty Ltd, North Sydney, NSW

Great to cover all aspects of project management in a comprehensive and interactive fashion.

Kevin Lee, Landscape Architect, Hansen Partnership, Melbourne, VIC

Exceeded my expectations. Very clear path through profession, and a project!

Rebecca Daff, Architect, Geyer Pty Ltd, Melbourne, VIC

The course exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it has turned out to be very relevant and useful.

Craig Baudin, Associate Director, Fender Katsalidis Architects, Southbank, VIC

Great source of information and reinforcement to regain a focus on what is vital in successful project management.

Marek Blaszczakiewicz, Director, Demlakian Consulting Engineers, North Sydney, NSW

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