This new suite of PSMJ Resources programs is for Owner/Developer Project Teams, to provide them with the strategies and skills that will more reliably deliver project goals.

These programs are offered in two levels, “Project Delivery Excellence – Success Strategies” and “Project Delivery Excellence Skills Development”. They will probe your skills and experience – in leadership, project strategy, risk management, and test your organisational understanding. Participants contribute their own experience, learn from the experience of others, and together gain deeper understanding and develop strategic thinking capability.

PSMJ Resources have 40 years of teaching and working with thousands of professionals, from hundreds of firms, globally. We’ve been providing structured learning for Australian and New Zealand architects, engineers and other design professionals for more than twenty years. We’ve now extended that opportunity to Owners/Developers with this new program.

As a Project Manager you are the face of your organisation – with the community, the stakeholders, the consultants, the contractors. Trust is in you to lead the team and keep them in safe hands. The program establishes and reinforces techniques to maintain communication and trust, so that your projects have a high chance of success.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of these programs, attendees will be able to:

  • Develop strategies to deliver high-quality, low-risk project feasibility analyses
  • Determine effective project team structures
  • Manage stakeholders’ expectations
  • Write succinct and defining project briefs or return briefs
  • Ensure effective contract administration
  • Manage risk equitably
  • Make the right decisions, at the right time, for successful project outcomes.

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