PSMJ’s learning program for contractors combines the best of our 60 years of project management in construction, with the latest industry management smarts. This gives your PMs the edge with your clients while mitigating your greatest risks.

With pressure to be faster, cheaper and better at the forefront of a contractor’s existence, project managers must maintain and enhance their professional approach, must stay current, with management techniques that keep them relevant.


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Classroom: Brisbane & Sydney, not yet scheduled.

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Project Management Essentials – Construction

PSMJ Resources learning experiences are highly interactive workshop settings. PSMJ’s “Project Management Essentials – Construction” program will probe your skills and experience – in leadership, project strategy, personal productivity, and test your organisational understanding. Participants contribute their own experience, learn from the experience of others, and together gain deeper understanding and develop strategic thinking with PSMJ guidance.

We have 40 years of teaching and working with thousands of professionals, from hundreds of firms, globally. We’ve been providing structured learning for Australian and New Zealand architects, engineers and other design professionals for more than twenty years; now the contractors’ opportunity is here for you.

As the Project Manager you are the face of your company – with the client, the consultants, the stakeholders. Trust is in you to lead the team and keep all of them in safe hands. The program establishes and reinforces techniques to maintain communication and trust, so that your projects succeed.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this program attendees will be able to:

  • Develop a project management plan to deliver projects on time and on budget.
  • Apply effective and efficient communication methods.
  • Apply project planning techniques that allow all supervisors to be effective task planners.
  • Manage quality and risk.
  • Manage Budgets and Schedules.

*Note: Members of the Australian Institute of Architects qualify for special discounts on productivity tools by Building Technology P/L, such as CHECKIT© and TeamWork©. A+ Members can download these tools free of charge. Other members receive a 50% discount. See for details

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Project Management Essentials – Design: Online: 31-3 September 2021 | 19-22 October 2021 | 23-26 November 2021 | Classroom: Melbourne: 8-9 September 2021 | Sydney: 6-7 October 2021 | Brisbane: 10-11 November 2021
From Senior Manager to Principal: Classroom: Brisbane: 8-9 November 2021 | Sydney: 17-18 November 2021 | Melbourne: 1-2 December 2021
BRIDGES Interface Management: Online: 14-17 September 2021 | 12-15 October 2021 | 6-9 December 2021
Can't make it to our public workshops ... We offer In-house programs too.