Returns Policy

PSMJ Resources Asia Pacific Pty Ltd, as trustee for PSMJ Resources Asia Pacific Unit Trust,  ABN 68 823 658 426.

This Returns Policy describes your rights with respect to your access to services sold on the PSMJ Resources Asia Pacific (PSMJ) web site (


PSMJ Resources Asia Pacific does not sell physical products. We sell services in the facilitation of professional training programs and professional consulting services to the Architecture/Engineering/Construction industry. Accordingly, our services are delivered in person and/or by provision of written reports relating to specific issues we are contracted to review.

PSMJ Resources Asia Pacific may from time to time recommend or facilitate the purchase of physical products, such as books, newsletters, software, memberships, etc., from our parent company, PSMJ Resources, Inc. The Returns Policy for any such products is provided in that company’s website (

Returns & Refunds

Public Training Programs: If you contract with us to provide training services in public programs, and on completion of the training you are not satisfied with the quality of the training, or believe that the training did not deliver the promises made in the proposal information, you must provide us with a written statement outlining your dissatisfaction. On receipt of the statement, we may refund the full fee paid less any out-of-pocket expenses, such as the cost of workbooks or the provision of delegate day rate charges by the training venue. Such written claim statement must be made within 30 days of the completion of the training. Additional terms & conditions are listed in the program Registration Form.

Private “In-house” Training Programs: The same principle as for Public Training Programs (above) applies, except that direct costs paid by PSMJ Resources Asia Pacific to deliver the training, such as air fares, ground transportation and accommodation for the program facilitator will be deducted from any refund paid to you.

For either Public Training Programs or Private Training Programs, if a participant cannot attend the training because of sickness or other valid reasons, we will issue a credit note for the amount paid for that person’s attendance, which can be used by that person, or any other employee, to attend the next scheduled course, within one year of the missed attendance. Alternatively, you may send another person to attend the program in place of the one who had to cancel.

Consulting Services:

If you have paid a deposit for consulting services, and we are unable to provide the services or otherwise decline the appointment, we will refund that deposit in full.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, consulting services for specific projects generally require a 50% deposit paid in advance to secure the consulting dates in our schedule. If, after payment of such deposit, you find that circumstances require performance of the services to be rescheduled, we will reschedule the services to a mutually agreeable time. If we have already purchased airfares or incurred other costs that cannot be recouped, you will be responsible for paying the extra costs incurred.

Consulting services that are proposed and accepted in stages will be paid for in agreed stage amounts, usually with a 50% deposit for each stage (unless otherwise agreed in writing). If, on completion of a stage, you are dissatisfied with the service, we will refund or credit you with an amount to be determined by mutual agreement, but not more than 50% of the quoted cost of that stage, provided a detailed written claim for a refund, citing the reasons for the dissatisfaction, is delivered to us within 7 business days of the delivery of the stage product.

We do not proceed with further stages until a stage is completed and accepted. “Accepted” means that you agree that the stage output product meets your stated requirements. Acceptance can be in writing or verbal. If verbal, we will confirm your acceptance in writing, usually by email. No refunds will be made for completed stages that have been accepted.

Any refund of fees paid will be the full settlement of all obligations, specific or implied, between PSMJ and you, your firm, and/or any of your shareholders or employees. Except as otherwise provided under Australian law, PSMJ has no obligation to any third party, or for any consequential loss or damage incurred due to the good faith delivery of our services.

If you simply change your mind about your purchase, we may (at our sole discretion) credit any unused payment to the purchase of other services.

Variance to Terms & Conditions

General: Proposals for all training and consulting services contain terms and conditions specific to the offer of these services, which may vary with the services required, the needs of the client, and other project-specific conditions. If there is a variance between these project-specific terms and conditions and this general Returns Policy, the project-specific terms and conditions in the services proposal shall govern.

Updates to these Returns Policy Terms & Conditions: If these general Terms & Conditions are updated, the updated Information will be posted on the web site.

Last update: 4 April 2020.

For any questions or notice, please contact us at:

PSMJ Resources Asia Pacific Pty Ltd, Unit 603, 19 Queens Rd, Melbourne VIC, 3004, Australia.