The Original CHECKIT checklists

Below are links to PDF versions of all 26 original CHECKIT! checklists (Australian English version). Download by clicking on the link, to open the checklist, then save or print.

CHECKIT A: Preagreement: Checkit

CHECKIT B: Programme Development: Checkit

CHECKIT C: Surveys and Planning Approvals: Checkit

CHECKIT D: Renovations Survey: Checkit

CHECKIT E: Schematic Design: Checkit

CHECKIT F: Site, Landscape & Environmental: Checkit

CHECKIT G: Traffic & Parking: Checkit

CHECKIT H: Design Development: Checkit

CHECKIT I: Documentation – General: Checkit

CHECKIT J: Documentation – Detail: Checkit

CHECKIT K: Specifications: Checkit

CHECKIT L: Civil Engineering Coordination: Checkit

CHECKIT M: Structural Engineering Coordination: Checkit

CHECKIT N: Fire Protection and Hydraulics Engineering Coordination: Checkit

CHECKIT O: Mechanical Services Coordination: Checkit

CHECKIT P: Lifts and Escalator Coordination: Checkit

CHECKIT Q: Electrical Services Coordination: Checkit

CHECKIT R: Architectural Check: Checkit

CHECKIT S: Renovations Check: Checkit

CHECKIT T: Interior Design: Checkit

CHECKIT U: Equipment: Checkit

CHECKIT V: Tendering: Checkit

CHECKIT W: Submissions: Checkit

CHECKIT X: Contract Administration: Checkit

CHECKIT Y: Practical Completion and Final Certificate: Checkit

CHECKIT Z: Post Contract: Checkit


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