Despite the huge efforts by many professional bodies and their members, the design and construction industry still encounters too many coordination issues, most of which delay the project and result in blown budgets and quality issues.

WHY? Dig into the processes of putting a project together, and you will identify many reasons. The main reason is the large number of separate entities involved, and communication breakdowns between them. No one has so far found a satisfactory solution. With some assumptions, we can estimate the number of entities involved:

The more entities involved, the greater the potential for interface communication to go astray and create delay.

Time and money constraints impact all members of all teams, and experience shows that coordination and integration are the first casualties of those pressures.

PSMJ Resources Asia Pacific is expanding its Learning Program options to provide unique, experience-based programs in all aspects of managing design & construction of projects.

These five program streams provide a coordinated and integrated learning path for all management and leadership roles from project inception to completion.

BRIDGES is the Learning Program that brings rigour and discipline to the interfaces.

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